Diving Into My Fit Foods Miracle Macro!
Written by Mario Mendias on Oct. 30th 2023
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Does it feel like you aren’t recovering fast enough from your workouts?
Not getting as fast and as strong as you should be?
Stuck in a rut with your results?

This is exactly what happened to one of our customers, who we teamed up with, changed their protein paradigm, and got them their desired results.
We educate, motivate, and get people to believe in themselves!
Protein is your miracle macro!

It’s the missing piece to getting faster, better, stronger results.

Without it, we lose muscle and our ability to move, think, heal, eat, and absorb nutrients.
Protein impacts more than you
realize, such as…
  • The quality of sleep we get
  • Our body’s ability to heal cuts (Even the ones we make in our muscles when working out!)
  • Brain clarity
  • Gains
  • The health of our immune system
  • Post-workout recovery times
  • Motivation to get active and workout
  • Cravings and visits by the infamously famous Hunger Monster
Protein impacts our health in positive and negative ways. So let’s make protein our “B”…our Best Friend! 😝

The real question is...
“Are you getting enough protein daily?”
🍗 Are you getting in 1.1 grams of protein per 1 pound of lean body mass? Don’t know your lean body mass? 

It's time to visit us and ask for an InBody scan. 

It’s free – come see us!

🍳 Are you eating three to five protein-packed meals per day? Experts say we absorb no more than 50-60 grams of protein at a time. 

MyFitFoods small meals are, on average, 30 grams of protein, and our regular-sized meals are 45 grams of protein. This is precisely what you need to hit those goals!
Let’s talk about results💪
We see over 5,000 customers a week, and our customers who hit their protein goals always get the best results.

Hands down!

Check out the comparison between these two groups:

Group 1 ate 1.1 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. Group 2 only ate .55 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. Both groups had a 40% caloric deficit and were working out 3+ days per week!

⬇️ Group 1 lost 10.5 pounds of fat
⬇️ Group 2 lost 7.7 pounds of fat
⬆️ Group 1 gained 2.6 pounds of muscle
⬆️ Group 2 gained 0.0 pounds of muscle
🤯 Group 1 had a 13.1-pound recomp
🤯 Group 2 had a 7.7-pound recomp
🌟 1.1 Grams of Protein for the absolute win!!!! 
Fun Fit Fact: Protein burns more calories during digestion than carbs and fats do. 30% more, to be exact! That’s the thermic effect of food.
Fit Tips for Eating More Protein:
🏆 Eat MyFitFoods. We are definitely biased 😜 Every meal we have is designed to hit your protein goals in mind while allowing you to enjoy carbs and fat.

🏆Start your day with a protein-balanced meal, like our Breakfast Tacos, for a FitStart. This helps regulate your B.S. (Blood Sugar levels, silly!), while helping curb cravings

🏆Eat a delicious, protein-packed meal every 3-4 hours.

🏆Focus on snacking less with more balanced fuel. A good rule of thumb is: “If you’re hungry, eat a meal! If you don’t have time, drink a protein shake.”

🏆Chew your food well to help with digestion and absorption. Slow down, Speedy!

🏆Add a scoop of protein to your yogurt, oatmeal, or coffee.
Let’s try a little myth-busting, My Fit Foods style…
👀 It’s common knowledge that drinking a protein shake after a workout supports muscle growth and recovery, but most people don’t realize how important this miracle macro is for basic survival.

👀 If we could look under the surface and see protein at work, we’d find it helps us break down food, make new hormones and neurotransmitters, rebuild damaged tissues, aid our immune system, and give us fuel to burn for energy.

👀 Myth: Peanut butter is high in protein. Fact: Peanut butter is high in fats (deliciousness). Don’t let the marketing fool you!

👀 For a snack to be considered high protein, make sure it has at least 20g of protein!

Amino acids help:
Break down food.
Grow and repair body tissue.
Make hormones and brain chemicals (neurotransmitters).
Provide an energy source.
Maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails.
Build muscle.
Boost your immune system.
Sustain a normal digestive system.

At the end of the day, 3 MyFitFood meals and 2 Protein shakes a day are the easiest ways to hit your protein goals.

We all deserve to look and feel our best.
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Give A Fit,
Mario Mendias
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